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Dadco Fiber-105


Dadco Fiber-105 is an oxidized bitumen membrane with glass fiber reinforcement.


Dadco Fiber-105 waterproofing membranes is manufactured from high performance membrane produced with a modified bitumen compound, then coated onto a dimensionally stable glass fiber matt of 105 g/m² reinforcement. The surface from both sides has a thermo fusible plastic film.


  • Excellent bonding to surfaces.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Excellent resistance to salts and water-prone chemicals.
  • Accommodates structural movements.  
  • Stability at high temperatures.


Dadco Fiber-105 membrane is ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications such as: Roofs, basements, tunnels, car parks, wet areas (kitchens & bathrooms).

Application Tools Required:

Measuring tape, marking string, gloves, goggles, gas torch, knife, trowels.


Concrete surfaces should cleaned thoroughly of all of contaminants like dust, traces and oils, then apply Dadco Primer D-41 on the surface by brush or roller and allow it to dry to promote the adhesion between the membrane and surface.

The membrane rolls should be aligned correctly with an overlap of 10 cm at least from both sides. Using a gas torch, bond the sides of the roll by heating the overlap enough to obtain a high and excellent waterproofed surface.

General Data:

  • Roll length: 10 meters
  • Roll width: 1 meter
  • Roll thickness:4 mm


  • Fiber glass

Backing and Storage:

DADCO FIBER 105 is produced in rolls of 1 × 10 meters. Special lengths are available upon request. The rolls are palletizes and shrink-wrapped. The rolls are kept vertically, and pallets should not be stacked on top of each other.

Health and Safety:

All safety measures should be taken during the application. Fire extinguishers should be available at the site. Workers should wear protective clothing during the application.

Technical Data Sheet:

S. Properties Unit Results Test name
1 Size m×m×mm 1×10×4 ASTM 5147/D5147m
2 Reinforcement g/m² 105 / Glass Fiber ASTM 5147/D5147m
3 Roll Gross weight Kg 40-45 ASTM 5147/D5147m
4 Tensile strength, (MD) Kn/m 20 ASTM 5147/D5147m
5 Tensile strength (XMD) Kn/m 14 ASTM 5147/D5147m
6 Elongation at Break (MD) % 15 ASTM 5147/D5147m
7 Elongation at Break (XMD) % 18 ASTM 5147/D5147m
8 Tear Strength (MD) N 790 ASTM 5147/D5147m
9 Tear Strength (XMD) N 631 ASTM 5147/D5147m
10 Water Absorption % 1.72 ASTM 5147/D5147m
11 Compound Stability ºC 121 ASTM 5147/D5147m
12 Compound Stability % 0.84 ASTM 5147/D5147m
13 Mass Per Unit Area g/m² 4613 ASTM 5147/D5147m
14 Softening Point ºC 154 ASTM D36
15 Bitumen Penetration dmm 11 ASTM D5


The data provided here is per our best of knowledge and experience; however, as the application environment and conditions are beyond our control, it is the user’s responsibility to observe the precautionary measures and practice within local regulations. Dadco reserves the right to make changes to the provided data without any prior notice.

Our Quality Policy

The Quality policy of Fast International Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. (Dadco) is to attain the highest standards of quality and to satisfy all requirements and needs of our clients considering that the internal implemented procedures ensure the conformity of its services and products to the contractual and agreed client’s requirements. To achieve the above mentioned goals, Fast International Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. (Dadco) is committed to work closely with our clients to ensure our products and services conform with their requirements.

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