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Dadco Putty

High quality, German specifications, water resistant thin plaster.


Dadco Internal Putty is a cementitious blend containing white cement, limestone and special bonding chemicals to improve the quality and increase the workability. 

Dadco Internal Putty is water resistant, and intended to be used as a thin plaster for walls and ceiling surfaces of concrete, blocks, lime bricks and gypsum boards to achieve a fine and smooth surface. 

Dadco Internal Putty can be applied as an underlayment coat for alkali resistant paints, or apply one coat of alkali resistant primer before applying other coats of paints.


Add 9-10.5 Ltr. of clean potable water to the bag contents and mix by using electrical mixer for 3- 4 minutes until it becomes a homogenous paste. Let the composition to stand for 5 minutes then remix again. Clean the surface from dust, grease and oils. 
Apply putty using a spray machine or by a manual trowel. You can achieve different grades of texture and decorative effects depending on the appropriate nozzle used. It is recommended to spray water on the plaster in hot and dry places every 12 hours. For rough surfaces, you can apply more than one coat until you achieve a smooth and fine surface. 

Technical Consistency: cement base powder mixed with limestone. 


  • Color: White. 

  • Water Addition: 9-10.5 Ltr./20kg bag. 

  • Coat thickness: 0.5 – 3 mm. 

  • Coverage: 0.75-1.5 kg/Square meter. 

  • Workability time: 3- 4 hours. 

  • Initial setting: 8 hours. 

Storage and Shelf life:

Store the material in shaded area, away from any sources of heat and moisture. 

An un-opened sealed bag has 12 months of shelf life.


25 kg multiple paper bag

Health and Safety:

Dadco Internal Putty is a cementitious product. While handling and mixing, avoid contact with the skin or eyes.

Technical support:

Technical support is available for application, usage health and safety of the product. Please contact us if you need more information or assistance.


The data provided here is per our best of knowledge and experience; however, as the application environment and conditions are beyond our control, it is the user’s responsibility to observe the precautionary measures and practice within local regulations. Dadco reserves the right to make changes to the provided data without any prior notice.

Our Quality Policy

The Quality policy of Fast International Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. (Dadco) is to attain the highest standards of quality and to satisfy all requirements and needs of our clients considering that the internal implemented procedures ensure the conformity of its services and products to the contractual and agreed client’s requirements. To achieve the above mentioned goals, Fast International Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. (Dadco) is committed to work closely with our clients to ensure our products and services conform with their requirements.